For over 20 years, David Torrans has defied the rise of publishing and the never-ending march of national book chains to create a unique book-buying experience in Belfast.

No Alibis is one of Belfast’s only independent bookstores and is dedicated to crime fiction and specialist subjects. Confidently owning its place in the market since 1997, No Alibis has refused to be intimidated by bigger industry players. 20 years on, each chapter is filled with challenges and accomplishments, and each page packed with ambition.

David, now 52, knew in his twenties that he wanted to make a difference in the book world. David’s vision was to create much more than a bookshop, he wanted to establish a unique cultural hotspot to nurture visitors’ passions for literary arts in everything from spoken word to song writing to reading.

Today, No Alibis continues to investigate new ways for book fans to enjoy crime fiction and is recognised as a platform for local songwriters and authors to develop their careers and share their material.

To those who have not yet answered their call, David says, “Never let anyone tell you it cannot be done.”

David will host Whiskey and Words on 23rd April 2017.