Self-professed, 'rock 'n' roll rebel', Paul McMordie knew from the very first time he heard guitar icon Jimi Hendrix as a kid, he would grow up to do something different to his school friends who were aspiring doctors and teachers. Something involving a guitar.

Despite his mum's wishes for him to go to work in the yard, as was the tradition in Belfast at the time, Paul knew his path would take him in a different direction.

Paul's determination to succeed in music has stayed with him throughout his career. Shying away from the norm or traditional boundaries within the music industry, Paul formed his own independent music label to release his first album.

Now a lauded guitarist, Paul takes his inspiration from experimental, left-field players such as Ralph Towner and Pat Metheny. Paul's carefully refined methods and style have been ringing in the ears of the world's best known musicians with past pupils including Nathan Connolly from Snow Patrol and Paul Mahon of The Answer. In fact, it's fair to say that Paul's skills, guitars and unrelenting passion for music has put the local guitar scene firmly on the music map.

Amongst Paul's passion projects is the Belfast Guitar Festival. An annual event showcasing the skills of homegrown talent and providing a platform to exhibit their skills and teach their international peers a strum or two about how things are done here. Paul established the Festival to encourage a culture of 'doing things right' within the local music scene and cementing fraternity and friendship in the NI music scene so that the shared bond of music is always the focus.

Paul's passion for music has given him the drive to dedicate his life to his art. Recognising that his talents would shine through, Paul stayed true to his unique style and skill-set, refusing to be influenced by fleeting crazes that came and went.

Paul's day-to-day is always richly immersed in music and guitar - from playing to teaching to meeting fellow musicians to encouraging budding guitarists to follow in his footsteps.

To those who have yet to #AnswerTheCall, Paul says, "Don't listen to the naysayers and take everything that anyone shares with you along the way on-board."

Paul will host 'Whiskey and Strings' along-side legendary guitar maker, George Lowden on July 25th at The Sunflower Bar. Attendees will hear the stories of each man's passion and determination while being shown how to get the best out of their own guitar. Attendees will enjoy specially created Black Bush serves and intimate sets from surprise musical guests into the late hours.