Growing up surrounded by nature in rural County Down, Craig drew inspiration from the world around him and his affinity for nature to create bespoke sculptures, furniture and homewares. Huge slabs of wood and the raw material of the very logs that started his father's business in 1975 are turned into one-off pieces of art and furniture that ooze with passion.

While other woodworkers may turn their nose up at the huge logs and stumps, Craig collaborates with local artists, architects and designers to extract the beauty in each imperfection and is widely recognised as one of Northern Ireland's most skilled and confident craftsmen.

The path to success never runs smooth and Craig's journey has taken a few twists and turns of its own. The brave and bold craftsman originally explored life as a DJ with a jet-set lifestyle playing music all over the world. A unique life-experience filled with many adventures but Craig knew he had an underlying desire to create something lasting. Something meaningful.

Channelling his confidence and passion to create a legacy not just for himself, but for his father, Craig returned home to his roots and established Touchedwood in 2012, revitalising the traditional lumber business he once knew into something unique and spirited.

Raising a toast to those still to answer their call, Craig's advice is bold and inspiring. "Don't let the fear of failure hold you back. Run down that path and don't ever look back."