Barber and beard sculptor, Garry Jackson is seen before he is heard. His snow-white, showstopper moustache paired with his undeniably sophisticated dress sense see him stand out from the crowd - but there is more to this style maven than meets the eye. Garry has been at the helm of gentlemen's style since the early 90's when he established his now highly acclaimed barber shop. But his journey to this point wasn't all cut and dry...

A trailblazer and the opposite of conventional, Garry left Northern Ireland in the 1980s heading to London in search of spirited, like-minded people. As he tried to discover his calling, Garry turned his hand to both hospitality and sales but from borough to borough and from job to job, nothing seemed to fit like his favourite leather brogues and skinny jeans. Serving behind bars, made Garry feel like a prisoner and sales made him feel he had completely sold-out.

Always happiest with a comb and scissors in his hand, Garry had created a reputation amongst his newfound friends as a talented barber and was regularly entrusted to cut and style the young punks, goths, rockabillies and new romantics on the scene at the time. After six years searching for his calling in London, Garry had a light bulb moment.

He returned to Northern Ireland in 1994 with nothing more than his passion for creativity and determination to create with style. He brought his enthusiasm and talent to Ted Johnston, Belfast's master barber who taught him to finesse his talent and in a few short months 'Garry's Barbershop' was born.

Incorporating Garry's passions - style, music, craft and design, the shop became a hub of creative activity. From hosting pop-up music sessions with local and international talent to posing as a think-tank for designers, artists and creatives, Garry's Barbershop is an inspirational and electric place to be.

Garry, a patriarchal figure, has seen his clientele look to the shop for comfort, seeing it as the hub of their community and a stress-free, no-judgement zone where they can lighten the load on their shoulders. An advocate for positivity and well-being, Garry has used his shop as a platform to educate and encourage his customers on men's health issues. Garry's Barber Shop is an institution inside the Holywood community and further afield.

To those who have yet to #AnswerTheCall, Garry says, "Always have fun and avoid regret. If you don't love what you do, don't do it."