Dean Kane answered the call when he quit his office-based graphic design job to pursue a career in street art with a resignation scrawled out on a napkin and hand delivered to the HR department.

For some, working as a graphic designer may sound like the dream job. But for Dean (aka Visual Waste) this wasn’t the case. Although he was employing his creative talents, an office-based role left Dean restless and struggling to connect the dots. Hours in the office, working under someone else’s thumb had become as fulfilling as watching paint dry.

Dean craved the opportunity to push himself creatively. He wanted to explore new artistic avenues and break through Belfast’s urban art boundaries. He knew he could put Northern Ireland’s street art scene on the map, but with no clients and no business plan, leaving the security of a full time job was a big risk.

The arrival of Dean’s daughter, was the push he needed. Starting a business on his last pay cheque, Dean checked out of the corporate world and Visual Waste was born.

Four years later, Visual Waste is now recognised as one of Belfast’s most successful street artists. His striking murals have seen Belfast grow to have one of the most rich and exciting street art cultures in the world, commanding attention from locals, tourists, art critics, media and celebrities around the world.

For Dean, opening the doors of his studio each day, armed with a new brief that will be transformed into a legacy piece, is more fulfilling than he ever could have imagined.

Determined to never let his passion and talent die, Visual Waste continues to create, surprise and evolve as an artist. This year, as part of the #AnswerTheCall series, Dean will make the bold move from urban murals to fine art, hosting his very first gallery exhibition. ‘Whiskey and Muses’ is a Bushmills X Visual Waste collaboration whereby Dean has created an urban interpretation of legendary artists who have inspired his career as well as Northern Ireland legends who have Answered The Call. The showcase will be in situ at The Gallery, Belfast, August 24th - 31st.

To those who have yet to #AnswerTheCall, Dean says, ”If it scares you but calls you in your sleep, do it. Don’t listen to other points of view, trust your spirit and your talent and go your own path.”