Michael Morris and Mark Kelly launched The Bearded Candle Makers while they were both in full time employment. The bearded duo cleverly spotted an opportunity in the candle industry and fearlessly seized their opportunity.

Three years after their lightbulb moment, products made by The Bearded Candle Makers are sold to customers around the world. What makes them different? Michael and Mark's unique idea for their candles stems from scents that are found only in Northern Ireland.

They shy away from traditional scents and experiment with unexpected aromas such as whiskey, coffee and turf. Helping people across the globe relive forgotten or favourite memories through scent, is what drives the duo to continue carving their own path through the candle industry.

From making labels by hand and discovering new scents to preparing for their weekend pitch at Belfast's world-famous St George's Market, the bearded Belfast boys are putting their grit and determination into taking the candle world by storm.

A favourite shared task is the pouring of new candles - the time when their spirited workshop is enveloped in rich, powerful scent. This very moment is the culmination of weeks, sometimes months of hard work spent trialling and perfecting just one single scent to share with the world.

In 2016, Michael made the brave move to leave his well-paid retail manager role and devote his full attention to the independent candle-making company. It's a gamble that's paid off. Big time.

The coming months will see Michael pursue interests from Tokyo to New York. He and Mark are confident that they will create their own path, just like the founding fathers of Bushmills once did, to see their brand become a household name across the globe.

The Bearded Candle Makers share a steely determination similar to that of the distillers at Bushmills who have been answering their call for more than 400 years.

To those who have yet to #AnswerTheCall, The Bearded Candle Makers say "When you're doing what you love, it's never work - it's play."

Michael and Mark will host Whiskey by Candlelight on 30th March 2017.